Online Value Group

Online Value Group - Brining Value to players

Online Value Group is an online marketing company based in Malta.
With over 10 years experience of the igaming industry we feel that we have a good idea of what the users/players are looking for. We also know what is expected by us from the operators as a trusted marketing source.
Online Value Group are working with a performance based model, meaning we only get paid if we help our partners make money.

Our highly appreciated Online Casino Guides help potential players to quickly find the information they are looking for before creating a player account. It might be information about a specific slot machine or just some clarification regarding a bonus offer at one of our partners. It´s a great way for players to compare different offers and choose the offer that is right for them.
Today we compare everything before making a decision online. We compare hotels through different online booking websites, we compare kredit providers and interest rates. This is why it make sense for users to compare different online casinos and what they offer.

Online Value Group are operating a number of websites in different markets with the core markets being Switzerland and Germany. In 2017 we expanded into other regions such as Finland and United Kindom. Today we have active players in more than 12 countries and 90% of our traffic is SEO driven.

Our partners are typically Casino and Sportsbook operators looking to expand their customer base on a specific market. Today we work with over 20 brands on a regular basis.

If you are an operator interested in traffic please contact us through our contact form on the website.

To find out more about our day to day business you can read our blog (coming soon)